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The scenario of Mohamed Sharif Al-Hel .. Musimani refuses to oust Marwan Mohsen from Al-Ahly

The technical staff of Al-Ahly Club, led by Pitso Musimani, prefers the departure of Marwan Mohsen, the striker of the red team, from the club in the upcoming summer transfers on loan and not on the final sale in order to give the player an opportunity to restore his brilliance in the manner of Al-Ahly striker Mohamed Sharif, who went out on loan to Enppi and returned to reserve a key position in the red squad. His goals continue in the opponents' net, and Musimani rejects the idea of ​​ending Al-Ahly's relationship with Marwan Mohsen and prefers to loan him and re-evaluate him again at the end of next season, and in the event of his brilliance, he returns to the Red Genie.

Marwan Mohsen played with Al-Ahly this season 8 matches in the league, with a total of 248 minutes of play, and did not score goals and made one goal, while he participated in 5 matches in the African Champions League with a total of 152 minutes, and scored a goal and made the same, while he participated in one match in the Egypt Cup with a total of 71 minutes played, he did not score or He made and participated in two matches in the Club World Cup, with a total of 34 minutes played, and he did not score or assist goals.

In total, Marwan Mohsen participated with Al-Ahly in 104 games with a total of 5351 minutes played and succeeded in scoring 23 goals, making 9 goals and receiving 13 warnings, while Marwan Mohsen won with the Red Castle seven championships: the Premier League four times, the Egypt Cup, the Local Super Cup and the African Champions League, along with a bronze clubs World Cup.

Tamer Al-Nahhas, business agent for Al-Ahly striker Marwan Mohsen, revealed the player’s desire to complete his contract with the Red Castle, and Tamer Al-Nahhas said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “Marwan Mohsen himself is completing in Al-Ahly, and he does not want to leave the Red Castle at all, and I will not I would be exaggerating if I said that he dreams of retiring in the Al-Ahly shirt, as he loves the Red Club and feels comfortable inside it, despite all the harsh criticism raised.”

Tamer Al-Nahhas added, “Marwan Mohsen’s contract continues with Al-Ahly for two seasons, unlike the current season, and like any player, his fate will be determined by the end of the current season, and it may happen with him, as happened with Al-Ahly defender Ramy Rabia, who was close to leaving the Red Castle during the last winter transfers.” To the ranks of the Arab Contractors, and the deal was disrupted at the last moments, to become an indispensable key player in the team’s starting lineup.”

Tamer Al-Nahhas continued, "Marwan Mohsen may score goals in the next stage with Al-Ahly, and the picture will change completely and continue his journey with the red genie to the end."