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The President of the European Commission discusses with Biden the speed of ending the pandemic and climate neutrality by 2050

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, confirmed that the United States of America and Europe are natural partners, noting that she decided in her meeting with US President Joe Biden to establish an American-European Technological Trade Council, and indicated that they agreed on the need to quickly end the Corona pandemic in the world, Noting that it is a joint responsibility.

The President of the European Commission said in a series of tweets via her official account on “Twitter”: “It has been 7 years since an American president came to Brussels for a meeting at the European Union table. Our common history, with a renewed and strong transatlantic partnership.

And she continued: "The meeting began with a discussion on the aircraft dispute, today we are moving from litigation to cooperation, we are in the process of ending the longest trade dispute in the history of the World Trade Organization."

And she continued: “As we decided to create a US-European Technology Trade Council, and its goals are to expand trade and investments, avoid unjustified new technical barriers to trade, and cooperate in areas with the high potential of our economies, especially digital, we also discussed how to end the pandemic everywhere, this is a shared priority and responsibility joint".

"To get there and achieve that goal, we decided to create a US-European Vaccine Task Force, further collaborating to help vaccinate the world faster," she added.

"The USA and Europe are natural partners on climate change. We need to do more quickly. Our shared commitment: Climate Neutrality By 2050, we aim to make climate neutrality the global standard in the future."