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The mango trip begins in the transit market, its prices range between 7-40 pounds

The signs of the mango crop began to appear in the markets, as 12 mango varieties appeared in the market, and according to what the Vegetables and Fruits Division confirmed, the prices of this year are medium and within everyone's reach.

Hatem Al-Najeeb, Deputy Head of the Vegetables and Fruits Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that mango prices are good this year, noting that the demand is relatively low due to the consumer's interest during this period in other types of fruits such as peaches, watermelons and grapes, expecting that the demand for them will increase gradually.

In a statement to Youm7, Al-Naguib indicated that the current crop in the market is the production of the Upper Egypt line, but the harvest of Lower Egypt and Ismailia has not been harvested, explaining that the current prices of mango range between 7-20 pounds for the popular varieties, while the prices of the rest of the varieties reach a maximum of 40 pounds, according to wholesale prices. .

The following is a list of mango prices in the transit wholesale market: -

Owais 15-30 pounds 

Indian 15-20 pounds

Timor 15 - 25 pounds

The bowl is 10-14 pounds

Balady 8-14 pounds

Fons 15 - 20 pounds

Lobe 20-40 pounds

Dabsha 7-11 pounds 

Girlfriend 12-20 pounds

JULK 9 - 18 pounds

Sugar 10-20 pounds –

Calf eggs 7-11 pounds