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“The king raises the most expensive trophy” Liverpool recalled the memories of winning the 2019 European Champions League

The English club, Liverpool, recovered memories of winning the European Champions League at the expense of its compatriot Tottenham, in a match held on this day in 2018, which ended with the Reds winning a clean double, and the official account of Liverpool on "Twitter" published some memories of the coronation by sharing a picture of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah He holds the Champions Cup, in which an Egyptian player was crowned for the first time in the history of the European Champions League.

And the official Liverpool club account on "Twitter" published a picture of Mohamed Salah holding the European Champions Cup after winning the championship, and commented: "June 1, 2019, the Egyptian King Mohamed Salah raises the most expensive European Cups."

On this day, corresponding to June 1, two years ago, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah won the European Champions League, for the first time in the history of an Egyptian player, to write history in golden letters, as he led the Liverpool team in the final match to victory over Tottenham in a match that ended with a score of 2 -0.

Salah was able, after only two minutes from the start of the match, to open the scoring for Liverpool with a penalty kick obtained by Senegalese Sadio Mani, his teammate, and the Pharaoh successfully implemented it, putting the Reds ahead early.

Until its last moments, the match continued to indicate the progress of the Reds with the goal of Salah, but the Belgian Divock Origi succeeded, before the final whistle, in doubling the score by scoring the second goal from a powerful shot that successfully hit the Spurs net.

And Liverpool was crowned the sixth title in its history, knowing that it is the most crowned English club of the European title.

Mohamed Salah became the third Arab player to win the European Champions League title after Rabah Majer and Ashraf Hakimi, before Hakim Ziyech joined the list this season with Chelsea, England.