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The imam of a mosque was imprisoned for 6 years in Russia for encouraging terrorism

A military court in the eastern Russian province of Krasnoyarsk has sentenced the imam of the "Lesosibirsk" mosque to six years in prison for aiding terrorist activities.


A statement of the Russian Federal Security Service said today, Friday, that the verdict issued against the imam of the "Lesosibirsk" mosque, Marat Mohamichin, has entered into force.


He added, "The First Military Court of the Eastern Military District sentenced Marat Mohamichin to 6 years in prison, which the convict will spend in a prison with a strict regime."


The statement indicated that the imam of the aforementioned mosque, while teaching the principles of religion, Islamic traditions and the Arabic language, urged the residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory to commit crimes of a terrorist nature and disseminate extremist materials.