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The head of the Food Safety Authority inaugurates the authority's headquarters in the Chamber of Commerce in Giza tomorrow

Commercial Giza: Signing a cooperation protocol with "Food Safety" to serve 250,000 members

Dr. Hussein Mansour, head of the National Food Safety Authority and the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza, headed by Mohamed Imbabi, will inaugurate the authority's new headquarters in the Chamber, which comes within a cooperation protocol between the two sides to serve the members affiliated with the Chamber during the coming period.


Mohamed Imbabi, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza, revealed that the cooperation protocol between the Chamber and the Authority aims to facilitate procedures for the Chamber’s affiliated companies and solve the problems they may face during the coming period, especially since the Authority has set requirements aimed at improving the local product in a way that maintains the security and safety of the consumer on the one hand and also maintains the The investments of businessmen in accordance with those requirements.


Imbabi added that the new headquarters of the Food Safety Authority will serve 250,000 members in the chamber, and the new headquarters of the National Food Safety Authority will provide services related to the authority, including issuing licenses for food importers in terms of quality and validity, and will also be responsible for granting licenses for food exporters to ensure product quality The source, and provide data and commercial reports on export opportunities through the specific conditions of the countries and the required quality specifications, whether from the European Union or America, in order to save time for those wishing to export by knowing the needs and specifications of the products required in the countries from abroad, and the headquarters will also work to grant certificates to provide courses Training for producers of food commodities on how to produce the product with the best possible specifications, in addition to granting factories and modern companies licenses to start work.


It is worth noting that the National Food Safety Authority was established in accordance with Law 1 of 2017, with the aim of achieving food safety requirements to ensure the preservation of human health and safety. It is also entrusted with the control of food handling in accordance with the provisions of laws and decisions related to food safety, and to verify the availability of requirements and specifications. The binding standard in all food handling operations, and it is also the competent authority to grant certificates of validity necessary to export locally produced food, and to control the granting of these certificates, in addition to granting licensing, inspection and control over food handling, and to its workers, in addition to controlling imported and local foods, and preventing Trading in them that are not fit for human consumption, preventing fraud and defrauding them, and setting the necessary procedures and measures to confront emergency situations that threaten to expose locally produced or imported food commodities to danger or risks, and procedures related to crisis management, warning system, recall and withdrawal from circulation.