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The French president ignores the incident of his slap and tweets: "Hold on together... Create a nation"

In his first tweet on the social networking site "Twitter" after the attack on him, French President Emmanuel Macron ignored the incident of slapping him in the face during an internal tour of him, and tweeted in brief words: "Hold on together, make a nation .. and this is what we did."

In another tweet, Macron said: "With the reopening of restaurants, our gastronomy must be celebrated as well as French agriculture, and I want to salute our farmers once again, because of whom we were able to obtain food during the isolation periods, and enabled the country to survive."


During a visit by Macron to the Tan Lermitage area, he headed towards a crowd of citizens to salute them. A young man grabbed the president's hand and slapped him in the face; Before the President's security intervened and arrested the assailant, in addition to another person who was accompanying him.


Activists published a video clip on social media, and the clip was spread on local media, showing the French president being slapped by a person.


This is not the first time that Macron has experienced a similar incident; The president had previously received a chicken egg on his head, which a farmer threw at him during a visit he was making to the annual agricultural fair in Paris, in 2018.