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The European Center calls for an acceleration of vaccination against Corona amid the spread of the “Delta” mutant

Today, Wednesday, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention called for an acceleration of vaccination against the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) in the European Union, expecting that the highly contagious variant known as “delta” will represent 90 percent of the total cases in member states by end of August.

"The "delta" variant is more transmissible than other circulating variants and we estimate that by the end of August it will represent 90 percent of all Sars-CoV-2 viruses circulating in the European Union," said the director of the center, Andrea Amon - in a statement. " British.

"Unfortunately, preliminary data shows that it can also infect individuals who have received only one dose of the currently available vaccines."

"It is very likely that the delta variant will spread widely during the summer, particularly among younger individuals who are not targeted by vaccination. This may cause the most affected individuals to risk severe illness and death if they do not receive the full vaccination."

In a bleak statement that comes as many EU countries look to ease restrictions and facilitate travel through a COVID-19 passport, Amon said there are still many people in the most affected age groups who have not been fully vaccinated.

Modeling by the center suggests that without maintaining current restrictions and significantly speeding up vaccination, Europe is likely to see a wave of infections, deaths and hospital admissions similar to those seen last fall.

The director of the center asked young people who did not receive a full vaccination to strictly adhere to the rules of social separation, and called on public health authorities in the European Union countries to save lives by accelerating the pace of vaccination programs that they implement.

The most recent data published by the European Center indicates that 33.9 percent of adults in the EU/EEA received full vaccination, and 57.1 percent received at least one dose.

Amon, who previously served as an adviser to the German government, said the positive news is that two doses of all vaccines available in Europe provide "high protection against this variant and its consequences."