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Take care.. "deceptive" foods and drinks to avoid on your weight loss journey

 Choosing healthy types of food is very important, and there are many foods available to us that are very popular as being healthy and of great benefit, but in fact the opposite, and the “Times of India” website lists in this report a group of foods and drinks that are known to be healthy but are not, Here we mention the most prominent ones:

1- Flavored yogurt

Yogurt with different flavors may taste great but it is not the healthiest option for you, as adding artificial flavors and amounts of added sugar at the time may not become healthy because it may cause weight gain, so if you want to have flavored yogurt, add some honey And natural fruits to plain yogurt and enjoy.

2- Diet soft drinks

Diet soft drinks are the preferred choice for people on their diet journey because they believe that they are free of sugar and calories, but is diet coke healthy for you? It is a mixture of artificial sugars, additives and carbonated water, and it can cause the body to be severely dehydrated. Diet sodas can also cause an increase in the production of fat cells in the body, therefore, it is best to avoid all types of soda and sugary drinks at all costs.

3- Fruit juices

If you are used to drinking packaged fruit juices for breakfast thinking that they are healthy and give you a good portion of fruit, then this is not true. They are full of sugar to make them tastier along with preservatives to make them last longer. Additionally, an artificial flavor and color are added to most preserved fruit juices to give them a special taste. Therefore, it is better to avoid them and to eat fresh fruit juices.

4- salad dressings

It is known that salad is one of the most important healthy options in meals, especially for people who follow a diet to lose weight. It is also a healthy option because it includes vegetables with useful nutrients, but adding a certain seasoning to salad or types of sauces may spoil its health value, especially since most of those Seasonings are added to a lot of sugar and salt, which harms the health of the body, so it is best to eat them natural without any additives.