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Real Madrid on the renewal of Ramos: There is no talk but about organizing a farewell party for the leader

Real Madrid officials are sticking to the decision to leave Sergio Ramos, the royal leader, after he was given a long period to renew his contract that expired at the end of the 2020-2021 season.

The file to renew Sergio Ramos' contract, Real Madrid's defender, which expires on June 30, has been open for nearly 3 months due to the leader's adherence to his demands and the club's insistence on following internal policy with players who are over the age of 30.

And, according to the Spanish newspaper, “ABC”, that Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos changed his mind and was ready to accept the offer, which he had rejected twice before to renew for a season and reduce 10% of the salary, but the club considers that the offer has expired with the end of the Spanish League.

She added, that Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is waiting for a call from the royal administration regarding the settlement of the renewal of his contract for a season, with a 10% salary reduction.

I continued, Real Madrid officials assure Ramos that there is no talk of renewing the contract, but of organizing a farewell party for the veteran captain.

Yesterday, Wednesday, it was reported that Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti had intervened