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Planning: Graduation of 222 women leaders from the Women Leaders Qualification Program

The Women Leaders Qualification Program was launched in 2018, in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, within the framework of the political leadership’s interest in empowering women, to reach leadership positions to participate in decision-making, and aims to enrich the technical and specialized skills of women leaders in the Egyptian government and prepare them to aspire to their leadership responsibilities in political life and in the administrative apparatus. The state, emphasizing its rights and its vital role in the development of society in general, adding that the program also aims to build women’s capacities in an effort to increase the share of their representation in leadership executive positions.



The training program includes qualifying women leaders on several skills related to their jobs, including management skills and tests, personality traits and project work, and other skills necessary to gain them the necessary leadership proficiency, noting that the total number of beneficiaries of the third batch of the training program is about 150 women leaders of the Egyptian government, The duration of the training will be 20 training days - 110 training hours, two days a week, divided into 15 training days in training halls within each governorate, amounting to 90 training hours, in addition to 5 days of online training, amounting to 20 training hours.



It is noteworthy that the first and second batch of the training program to qualify women leaders have been implemented in the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Minya and Luxor.


The National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, the training arm of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, launched the activities of the third batch of the Women Leaders Qualification Program, in cooperation with the National Council for Women, for 150 young women leaders in the governorates of Tanta, Mansoura, Damanhour, Damietta, and Cairo.



Among the most important achievements of the Women Leaders Qualification Program, first and second phases 2018-2020: The graduation of the first and second batch of trainees, which included (222) trainees from the senior and middle leaders working in the state’s administrative apparatus in the governorates of [Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Minya and Luxor], through a package of The trainings included topics related to planning, management, decision making, team leadership, effective communication, personality traits, project work, and other skills needed to gain leadership proficiency.



The most prominent (10) female trainees from the University of Missouri of America joined the training on best government practices, and a visit to the city of "Kansas", which is considered the smartest city in the world, where it is managed by digital transformation and the use of big data, in order to exchange experiences and learn about the experience of digital transformation and how to benefit from it. Work is underway to resume the other stages of the program by accepting new batches of trainees in accordance with the criteria set for accepting candidacy for the program.