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Learn how to protect your children's eyes during the Corona pandemic

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, many habits have changed, the most important of which is the transition to the digital world in the study or home, and the reliance on the Internet and mobile phones has become large in most countries of the world.

There is a lot of pressure on the eyes due to online education, and the use of devices with screens has led to many eye problems in children, and eye problems have become common in children during the pandemic, and according to the “thehealthsite” report, here are some foolproof tricks to take care of your child’s eyes while using electronic devices.

Eye problems that appear in children


Eyestrain, fatigue, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, blurry vision, eye irritation, burning eyes, red and swollen eyes and infections are serious eye problems that appear in children.

Adaptive spasm also occurs when a child tends to stare at a screen from the same distance for an extended period which leads to temporary eye spasms.

Looking at a computer screen or other gadgets without taking a break can lead to nearsightedness, and looking at the screen for long hours can lead to annoying headaches, excessive rubbing of the eyes and eyebrow pain, and this will make it difficult for your children to focus on their studies.

Eye friendly treatments


Ensure that your child blinks a maximum of one minute: Since children are immersed in reading on the screen or while watching TV, they are not blinking as they are required to, and this leads to dry and itchy eyes.

Do not use electronic devices in a dark room: Make sure there is adequate lighting and sunlight in the room.

Choose a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, legumes and non-vegetarian foods: reduce junk, processed foods rich in preservatives.

Do not put rose water or any eye drops in your child's eyes without consulting a doctor.

If your child wears an intraocular lens, he should remove it while sleeping and avoid rubbing the eyes.

Ask your child to take frequent breaks.

Try to regulate the time your child spends accessing electronic devices, lower the brightness of your computer.

Regular eye exams are a must: doing this will help you continue to improve children's vision.