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Kenya allocates 294.5 billion shillings in the new general budget to strengthen the security services

Kenya's Ministry of National Treasury has announced the allocation of Ksh294.5 billion from the fiscal year 2021-22 budget for efforts to enhance security in the country.


"Of this amount, 119.8 billion shillings will be allocated to defense affairs, while 42.5 billion shillings will go to the National Intelligence Service and 110.6 billion shillings to police and prison services," Kenyan Chancellor of the Exchequer Okur Yatani said at a session of the Kenyan parliament to discuss the state's general budget estimates. .


Yatani stressed - in his speech, which was reported in local newspapers today - that "establishing strong national security pillars would create an enabling environment for companies and businesses to thrive, while the country is moving towards accelerating the pace of economic recovery from the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus pandemic," referring to the allocation of billions of dollars. Additional shillings for police development programmes.


The Kenyan official added that his country has also allocated 1.5 billion shillings to modernize the national communication and surveillance system and another 335 million shillings to develop the national forensic laboratory, as part of the country's efforts to strengthen its fight against crime.