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Johnson: G7 pledges to provide more than one billion doses of vaccine against Corona for the poorest countries

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the leaders of the Group of Seven summit pledged to provide more than one billion doses of vaccine against the emerging corona virus for the poorest countries, describing it as "another big step" towards immunizing the world against the virus.

And Johnson added during the press conference he held after the conclusion of the summit, according to the British newspaper (The Guardian) today, Sunday, that the provision of vaccines will be directly or through financing the (Cofax) program, as the decision came within the plan that resulted from the summit meetings over the past two days. Which stressed the need to vaccinate people around the world against the virus by the end of 2022.

He praised the role played by the British (AstraZeneca - Oxford) vaccine, which was created by scientists honored by Queen Elizabeth, referring to the vaccine whose production was funded by the British government and sold at cost price, which contributed to immunizing half a billion people on the planet against infection with the virus, saying that “It is reference that The numbers are increasing daily.

Johnson revealed that the summit meetings dealt with discussing ways to prevent a future such as the Corona pandemic, by creating a global epidemic attacker who can monitor epidemics before they have the opportunity to spread, and stressed that the contribution of the United States is the basis in this regard.