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Japan announces new rules for host cities for Olympic athletes

Japanese authorities announced on Wednesday new rules for cities that will host athletes from abroad to participate in the Tokyo Olympics; This is to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

And Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) television reported that the new guidelines come in the wake of a wave of criticism over the management of the crisis of two members of the Ugandan Olympic team infected with the "Corona" virus in Japan.

The new procedures state that if it is proven that a participant in a foreign mission inside the airport is infected, the central government will bear the responsibility to identify the people who have dealt with him closely and transfer them to an isolation facility, but if one of the individuals in the training camps is confirmed to be infected, the rest of the players will be quarantined individually and all training will stop until it is confirmed The authorities safely appealed.

For his part, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, urged all participants to adhere to the precautions of "Corona", saying that the upcoming Olympics are unlike any previous session the world has witnessed in the past, adding that about 84 percent of the mission personnel and almost all officials of the Committee will receive the vaccine before arriving in Japan. .

The television added that police personnel from all over the country are being mobilized to participate in securing the gaming venues in Tokyo, and that their number is initially estimated at tens of thousands, and that the first group attended today a ceremony to take over the work in the capital, Tokyo, for the next two months.