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Iraqi intelligence: Explosive devices, mines and explosive devices seized in Anbar

The Military Intelligence Directorate of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced the seizure of a quantity of mines, explosive devices and tools used in detonation in Anbar Governorate, located in the west of the country.

The directorate said in a statement reported by Alsumaria News channel today, Thursday, that the security forces managed to seize 63 detonators, 60 detonators, in addition to 48 devices of various shapes, and 15 anti-armor mines in Anbar Governorate, west of the country.

She indicated that the Seventh Division's engineering forces were able to destroy the materials without causing any significant material or human losses.

Last Friday, the Anbar Governorate Police Command announced that it had found 50 explosive devices during security operations in western Iraq.

This comes at a time when the Iraqi security forces continue to carry out inspections, purification and pursuit of ISIS terrorist remnants throughout the country, to ensure that the organization does not re-emerge in the country.