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Iraqi intelligence: Arrest of 18 accused of terrorist cases in Nineveh

The Intelligence Agency of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 18 suspects in terrorist cases in Nineveh Governorate.

The Security Media Cell said in a statement reported by "Alsumaria News" news channel today, Wednesday, that according to intelligence information, the intelligence agency forces were able to arrest 18 terrorists in separate areas of Nineveh Governorate, who are wanted according to judicial arrest warrants issued against them in accordance with the provisions of Article (4) of the Anti-terror law.

She explained that the terrorists worked within the ranks of ISIS in the so-called Nineveh Province, the camps, Diwan al-Jund, Badoush District, Nahawand Division, the Illegal Institute and the Ain Jalut Division under different nicknames and names, noting that they confessed to participating in several terrorist operations against the security forces and citizens before the liberation operations.. Their statements were initially recorded. Judicially, the necessary legal measures were taken against them.

The Security Media Cell in Iraq also announced that it had thwarted a terrorist attack with a car bomb in Anbar Governorate, in the west of the country.

The cell stated that the military intelligence thwarted a terrorist operation with a car bomb in Anbar, where the operation was carried out according to accurate information from the Military Intelligence Directorate to the Al-Jazeera Operations Command, which confirmed the presence of a car bomb hidden in one of the dens in the village of Muhairija in the Rawa desert, which was intended for use in carrying out a terrorist operation in the province. Anbar.

She added that as a result of this information, the Military Intelligence Division forces in the Seventh Division moved, in coordination with a force from the Third Regiment, the Eighth Infantry Brigade, and the cache was raided and the car bomb was seized, and the division's engineering forces took out the car and detonated it under control.