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International Migration: Training of 19 forensic experts to examine passports

The International Organization for Migration in Egypt is organizing a six-day training of trainers on passport examination procedures. The training includes 19 forensic experts, including five, from nine different governorates.

According to a statement by the United Nations International Organization for Migration, the training project aims to enhance the capabilities of forensic experts on advanced passport examination procedures, and Neil Roberts, the International Organization for Migration expert in migration and affairs, trained the experts where the participants gained in-depth and practical experience in passport examination using Verification equipment to detect forged and forged documents Through these training courses, the skills and techniques acquired by the experts will be exchanged to train others in passport examination procedures.

The International Migration statement indicated that the International Organization for Migration is committed to supporting the Egyptian government to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration, and this includes activities aimed at strengthening capacities to identify and detect illegal activities related to migration, as the training of the Forensic Medical Authority follows similar exercises already conducted with law enforcement officers.

The statement added that this training was implemented under the framework of the Regional Migration Program for Africa, which supports training the Egyptian government in achieving the sustainable development goals, goal 10 "reducing inequalities", especially goal 10.7, on promoting safe, orderly and responsible migration and human mobility, and goal 16. “Partnerships for the Goals” especially Target 16.3 “Strengthen the rule of law at the national and international levels and ensure equal access to justice for all.” The training is also in line with the objectives of Egypt’s Vision 2030 for the Sustainable Development Strategy.