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"Giza Trade" praises the state's achievements after June 30: an economic boom according to the testimony of the world

The Giza Chamber of Commerce confirmed that the June 30 revolution contributed to reviving economic life in Egypt after a period of instability and volatility that passed through several years, until it reached a more difficult stage in the period following the January 25 revolution, which affected the movement of trade and economy in a way General.


For his part, Mohamed Imbabi said that the June 30 revolution restored Egypt to its desired economic position in many areas, for example, the opening of the new Suez Canal, which contributed to increasing movement within the canal and bringing the canal’s income to its highest levels in history, in addition to the announcement of the largest budget in the history of Egypt during the current fiscal year.


Imbabi pointed out that the economic life in Egypt is the most beneficiary of the June 30 revolution, and the evidence for this is that the state achieved the largest growth rates in history, reaching more than 5.9%, rates that did not occur in contemporary history, as well as proving the strength and solidity of the Egyptian economy during the recent period, especially In light of the Corona crisis, the country has succeeded in overcoming the repercussions of the Corona crisis, which the most powerful countries throughout history have experienced, which the whole world has witnessed.


Mbabbi added that June 30 eliminated several crises that the people and the economy were suffering from, including, for example, the fuel crises, "gasoline", which was disappearing from the stations, which was causing paralysis of movement, crises of power outages that stopped factories and organizations from working now. The state has more than one source of energy, including wind plants and power plants.


The head of the Giza Chamber of Commerce pointed out that the state, after the June 30 revolution, paid unprecedented attention to the health of the citizen, by issuing President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi Republican Decree No. 1 of 2017 establishing the National Authority for Food Safety and the right to his decision by another law to establish the Medicines Authority, all in order to preserve the health of one hundred million Egyptian.


As for the construction level, the state has provided more than one million housing units for social housing, and at the level of the road network, Egypt’s global ranking has jumped by dozens of centers since 2013 until now.


How much the state has worked to eliminate crises that were more prejudicial to the citizen's bread, crises of butane pipelines, all of which were eliminated and became completely unremembered. As for the food sector, there was instability in the prices of food commodities such as vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry and fish, and all of those sectors became more stable and we have a food surplus that suffices for more than 9 months of most commodities, and even opportunities have been opened for exporting items that have achieved self-sufficiency. at the local level.