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France: Tunisia did not ask Paris to cancel or restructure its debts

The French ambassador to Tunisia, Andre Baran, confirmed that Tunisia did not ask France to benefit from the cancellation or restructuring of its debts, which amount to 1 billion euros, during a press conference with the media, held today, Tuesday, at his residence in the suburb of La Marsa, on the outcome of the third session of the Supreme Council. French-Tunisian cooperation and prospects for French-Tunisian cooperation. According to Tunisian Radio Mosaique.

In response to journalists' inquiries about the possibility of launching a path to address Tunisia's debts, Baran added that in addition to Tunisia's failure to submit a request for this purpose, "there can be no agreement to cancel or restructure debts, except within the framework of the Paris Club."

The Paris Club is an informal group of public creditors representing 22 countries that hold significant debts to many of the debtor countries around the world. Their role is to provide the latter with debt relief or help them restore the balance of their financial positions.

And Baran explained, "As France is the president of the club, it is keen to respect some rules, according to which every debt relief agreement must be concluded in this framework."

On the other hand, he made it clear that it is not in Tunisia’s interest to submit a request for debt relief, as this may send a negative message to the financial markets, and stated: “This means that Tunisia may be unable to repay its debts, which consequently prevents it from borrowing from international financial markets.” We believe that the Tunisian authorities are aware of this."

The French President's advisor, in charge of Africa, Franck Barry, had stated that Tunisia had not submitted a request to take advantage of the common framework for dealing with the debts of poor countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which was established by the Group of Twenty and the Paris Club.

Barry said at the time that only three countries, Chad, Zambia and Ethiopia, had applied for debt relief.