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Euro 2020... Mbappe: There is no crisis with Giroud... Renewing the contract is not important now

French star Killian Mbappe, star of the French national team and Paris Saint-Germain, denied that a crisis occurred with his fellow veteran Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud in the French national team camp, just two days before the German national team meeting next Tuesday, in the first round of the group stage of the European Nations Cup. Euro 2020".

Mbappe said, during statements published by the French radio "Monte Carlo": "I spoke with Olivier Giroud, everyone knows what happened, it is true that I was a little affected, but we will not go any further because we are here to represent the French national team, this is the most important, I saw him in the dressing room and did not tell me anything."

Giroud had recently hinted that Mbappe deliberately did not give him the balls during the matches, with 5 goals remaining for the Chelsea star to be the historic top scorer for the roosters and overtake the legend Terry Henry.

Regarding the penalty taker for France, Mbappe added: "I heard Griezmann talking about it, but the coach did not say anything, maybe I am wrong, so far there is no specific arrangement, we will see what happens."

On his defensive support in the France national team, he said: “I will try to give everything. The coach has a specific plan for the attackers. He wants us to help the team as much as possible and maintain the attacking energy. We have to help colleagues. I am trying to improve myself and do my best every day. I am not a player.” perfect."

On the difference between playing with Neymar, Benzema and Giroud, he commented: "They are different players. If you compare the number of passes I made with Benzema or Giroud, the matter is different, but Benzema is the most because he moves more and Giroud remains in the lead."

Regarding the renewal of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, he concluded his statements: "Currently, this matter is not important, I am on a mission with my country's national team and I do not want to disturb the group."