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Developing a rapid test that reveals the effectiveness of corona vaccines after vaccination doses

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States have developed a new test that reveals the effectiveness of Corona virus vaccines in minutes at home, as this rapid test monitors the concentration of antibodies after taking vaccination doses, according to what was published by the Medical Express website.

The researchers explained that the rapid test for corona vaccines uses hemagglutination, as the degree of red blood cell clumping reveals the concentration of antibodies, especially that the results of hemagglutination can allow people to know whether they still have protection months after receiving the vaccine or whether they need to. to a booster dose.

The study indicated that the degree of hemagglutination is also related to the levels of neutralizing antibodies in patients, which protect against viral infection, so patients with immunodeficiency, who studies have shown do not always respond to corona vaccines, can test their antibody level and see if The vaccine was protection for them, or they needed extra doses to stave off infection.

The researchers developed the new test after examining samples from patients to reach the extent of the effectiveness of the test in tracking the extent of immunization obtained by everyone who received vaccination doses, to ensure the continued effectiveness of some Corona virus vaccines and their ability to resist the virus and give the immune system a double ability to ward off infection.

The researchers are seeking to obtain patent protection for the new test, in preparation for putting it for use by the public as soon as possible, and it will be very easy to use and take place inside the house and show the result in a few minutes.