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Britain records 16,703 cases of corona in one day, the highest number since February

Britain recorded 16,703 cases of corona within a day, the highest toll since February, according to Al-Arabiya channel, in urgent news a while ago.

And the heads of the British Health Service warned of an increase in the number of people using ventilators in hospitals in the UK, which rose over the past week, according to the British newspaper, “The Guardian”.

Saffron Cordiri, executive vice president of the Health Services Authority funders Foundation, said that the number of patients infected with the Corona virus who were placed on ventilators in hospitals rose by 41% in the past week, which she said is a strong indicator of the impact of Corona on health services.

"The frontline people are under tremendous pressure ... They have plans in place to deal with the worst, but with the increasing number of cases of corona and the demand for emergency care, this is a real challenge," Cordiri told BBC Breakfast.