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Biden: There is an understanding and agreement in views with Macron

US President Joe Biden confirmed that he and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, have agreement in views on what is proposed or done on many international issues at hand.

Biden told reporters - during a bilateral meeting with Macron on the sidelines of the "Group of Seven industrialized countries" meeting, which is currently taking place in the county of "Cornwall" in southwest England, the American "CNN" television broadcast live footage of him - that he had two days so far in the coastal province and had a chance Spend time with the French president and that they have topics to talk about later today.

Biden added that his country is very interested in the cohesion of NATO, noting that the European Union has a lot to do about the ability to push Europe not only to deal with economic issues, but also to provide support to NATO.

Macron thanked his American counterpart, noting that they spoke yesterday and that they should address several issues, including the (Covid-19) pandemic and climate change, and that what they need is "cooperation" for those issues.

Macron expressed his happiness to meet the American president, whom he described as ready to cooperate, expressing his belief that what Biden shows is that leadership lies in partnership.

It is noteworthy that the bilateral meeting between the American and French presidents was the first and official that brought them together face to face.