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Beware of excessive consumption of caffeine, which is dangerous to the eyes

A study revealed the dangers of high consumption of caffeine daily, as it was found that consuming large amounts of it leads to an increase in the risk of developing glaucoma, the main cause of blindness, by more than three times for those who have a genetic predisposition to high eye pressure, according to a report published on the Medical Express website.

The study confirmed that patients with a strong family history of glaucoma should reduce their caffeine intake, as the effect of caffeine intake on glaucoma and intraocular pressure (IOP) was shown, and high intraocular pressure is one of the primary risk factors for glaucoma, although other factors contribute to this. The condition, and patients usually have few symptoms until the disease progresses and they suffer from sudden vision loss.

The researchers explained that there is an inverse relationship between high caffeine intake and genetic risk scores for high intraocular pressure, as the research team used a medical database to analyze the records of more than 120,000 participants between 2006 and 2010, the ages of the participants ranged between 39 and 73 years, and samples were examined. DNA collected, focusing on the number of caffeinated drinks consumed per day, the amount of caffeinated food eaten and the specific types.

The researchers found that consuming large amounts of caffeine led to high blood pressure and the spread of glaucoma, especially in people who consumed more than 480 milligrams, or nearly four cups of coffee per day, which led to an increase in the prevalence of glaucoma by 3.9 times in those who did not. They drink any type of caffeine or drink the least amount of caffeine.