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Being forced to create happiness is a painful feeling.. Express your negative feelings and admit the problem

Pretending to accept losses and difficulties with an open chest and optimism, is one of the painful feelings that some experience, and the famous psychiatrist Victor Frankl calls it coercion to make happiness

The person facing problems must give the mind enough space and the courage required to face these difficulties that may appear on his way to live a better life, and to give himself the opportunity also to express his negative feelings and not evade them.

Brightside presents a report that indicates that creating happiness and optimism is not the best solution to overcome problems and offers some ways out of the crisis.

Recognizing the problem is the beginning of the solution:

 Feeling optimistic is always necessary, but it doesn't have to be the only way we overcome our problems. We can give ourselves space to feel the pain and acknowledge that feeling, and from that point we can turn that pain into a great achievement. We have to realize that the feeling of pain is a natural human emotion that we should not be ashamed of, but rather we should consider it as an opportunity to change our lives for the better.

 Find out the cause of the problem

Despite all the difficulties we face in life, if we can know the reason and the logical meaning of everything that happens, we can go on with our lives better, and maybe find happiness one day. Hope and optimism help balance all the difficulties we face and the possibility of finding the reason behind these difficulties, but it is important to admit to ourselves that there is a problem that needs to be solved.

Ignoring negative feelings makes them more effective:

When we ignore our negative feelings and problems and try to be distracted from them, this gives them the opportunity to be more powerful and more influential, and even if you find yourself having succeeded in getting rid of them, you may be surprised by the explosion of all these feelings after they have accumulated greatly, so their impact is difficult to overcome in this time. And some people may resort to this kind of fake happiness because they feel guilty or ashamed that others notice that they have problems, but in any case, not revealing these feelings causes double damage after that.

Inability to face hardships:

Forcing yourself to always ignore your negative feelings and even take decisions to reverse these feelings has an impact on your ability to overcome any challenges you may face, especially after you made this decision that does not agree with your feelings. For example, when you decide to stay away from a close friend to you and then ignore your grief over the end With this friendship, you may not be able to reorganize your thoughts and feelings when you need to in order to face any problem.