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Al Arabiya: Washington announces the return of its relations with Sudan to the normal situation

Washington announced the return of its relationship with Sudan to the normal situation, according to Al-Arabiya TV channel, in an urgent news story a short time ago.


Sudan's Foreign Ministry praised Washington's move to restore relations with Khartoum to a normal situation, noting that Washington's move supports democratic transition efforts.


Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council in Sudan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, stressed the need to move forward with a strong political will, in implementing the security arrangements of the Juba Agreement for the Peace of Sudan and expediting the formation of mechanisms and committees concerned with this.

On Sunday, Al-Burhan met with representatives of the security arrangements for Darfur peace organizations.

Lieutenant-General Suleiman Sandal Haqkar, head of the Security Arrangements Committee of the Justice and Equality Movement, said in a press statement that the meeting discussed issues of security arrangements, the Higher Joint Military Committee, the permanent ceasefire committees, sectoral committees, political representation and the representation of officers in the regular forces.

He added: "We have seen great interest from the Commander-in-Chief, Chairman of the Joint Supreme Ceasefire Council, in these issues, and we give good news to our forces deployed in our country, that we are working with determination and a team spirit to overcome all difficulties in implementing our common goal."