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Ahmed Hassan, congratulating Badr Al-Mutawa: "I am proud of the years I spent as dean of the world's players."

Ahmed Hassan, the captain of the Egyptian national team and the former Al-Ahly and Zamalek player, congratulated Kuwaiti Badr Al-Mutawa after being crowned with the title of Dean of World Players, and posted on his official account on Twitter, “I am proud of the years I spent as dean of the world’s players, and here is the banner as it passed to my person from the two great stars Hossam Hassan and Muhammad Al-Deayea Today, she moves to the Kuwaiti Arab star Bader Al-Mutawa, after reaching 185 international matches. All my congratulations to him, with my best wishes for continued giving and progress.

Badr Al-Mutawa was in the Kuwait national team's main list to face Bahrain in the Arab Cup qualifiers to play the 185th match and become the dean of world players, overtaking Ahmed Hassan, the former captain of the Egyptian team.


Ahmed Hassan maintained the title of dean of world players for several years, as he wore the Egyptian national team shirt for nearly 15 years and won the African Cup of Nations four times, to then announce his retirement from football and the number remains registered in his name until Al-Mutawa managed to break the number in 2021.