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After Lewandowski's shock, the most controversial missed opportunities at Euro 2020

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, the group stage competitions of the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020" were concluded, as 16 teams qualified for the final price, with the rise of the first and second of each group, in addition to the best 4 thirds in the six groups, in the tournament that will continue until July 11 next on 11 European city.

The group stage matches witnessed many exciting missed opportunities, the most prominent of which was the opportunity of Polish star Robert Lewandowski against Sweden in the meeting, which ended with the latter's victory by three goals to two.

Here are the highlights of the missed opportunities in the group stage:

Kylian Mbappe's chance in the France-Portugal match

Robert Lewandowski's chance against Poland and Sweden

Alexander Isak's chance in the Sweden-Spain match

Patrick Cech's chance in the match between the Czech Republic and Croatiaات

John Stones' chance in the England-Scotland match

Memphis Depay's chance in the Netherlands-Austria match

Alvaro Morata's chance in the Spain-Sweden match

Ginny Wijnaldum's chance in the Netherlands-Ukraine match