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Victims of Havana Syndrome blame Biden ... and confirm: We are frustrated

A group of US diplomats and other government employees with symptoms consistent with "Havana Syndrome" have expressed their frustration with the early response of US President Joe Biden's administration, and warned that injured workers are still being deprived of proper care.

In a letter to State Department leadership obtained by NBC, the staff said that in recent months, the government has continued to reject scientific evidence regarding injuries and treatment needs, claiming that members of the military and intelligence officials who have been struck by the same unexplained phenomenon are being treated more seriously.

According to the report, Havana Syndrome is a mysterious disease that was first discovered at the United States Embassy in Havana, Cuba in 2016, and diplomats and employees suddenly showed sudden symptoms such as hearing loss, dizziness and other neurological problems.

The staff wrote: “After four years of challenges, we were hoping that the new administration would welcome a partnership with us to ensure that those affected receive the care and treatment they need and ensure appropriate care for new cases .. Unfortunately, our experience so far has not lived up to our renewed expectations.” .

The letter adds to the growing pressure on the Biden administration from Congress to provide better care for affected American workers and learn how they have suffered traumatic brain injuries - that remains largely a mystery more than four years after the government began investigating what it initially called "targeted attacks." ".

The letter reached Brian McCune, deputy secretary of state on Tuesday, and was accompanied by a list of 11 recommendations on how employees say the administration can better ensure the safety and medical care of its employees.

According to the report, the letter was sent on behalf of 21 US government workers and their spouses who are considered probable or confirmed cases of Havana Syndrome abroad, including in Cuba and China, the employees wrote: “The continued refusal of senior management leadership to meet and listen to injured employees Directly is frustrating. "

"The leadership of the ministry is aware of the speech and looks forward to discussing its content with all concerned parties," a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said by e-mail. "We have no higher priority than the safety and security of American individuals, their families, and other American citizens."

In 2018, NBC News reported that US intelligence agencies considered Russia the prime suspect, and suspicion remains strong in the US government despite the lack of conclusive evidence, and both Russia and Cuba have vehemently denied involvement.