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UK expert: Charles and William will leave Harry and Megan to take what it takes to return

An expert on British royal family affairs said that the British heir, Prince Charles and his son Prince William will leave to Prince Harry, the third in line to the throne, and his wife, Megan Markle, "to sort things out themselves" while they unite together to return to work if they want to.

The expert on British royal affairs, Russell Myers, added - in a radio press statement, according to the British newspaper "Mail Online" - that the Prince of Wales, who is 72 years old, and his son Prince William, 38, want to put a line under both Harry and Megan, who were As a reason to occupy the royal family.

"We hardly saw them (Prince Harry, his wife Megan and their son) they appeared on the Zoom calls here and there. But no one has done the real work, which is to go out into the light, be among people, shine a light on various charities, and travel around the world and the Commonwealth countries."

Myers confirmed that he was sure that Harry was a bit shy when he saw the rest of his family at Prince Philip's funeral, and said, "This was the first time he had spoken to many of them since meeting Oprah Winfrey as he accused them of a lot of things."

This comes just a week after Myers claimed that Prince Harry was "shocked" by the "extremely cold reception" he received from the royal family after he traveled to attend the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip, and may cancel his next trip to the United Kingdom next July when the Duke is expected to return. Sussex is to the UK this summer to unveil a statue of his late mother Princess Diana.