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The Ministry of Sports organizes a tour for members of the African delegations of Anuka

The Ministry of Youth and Sports organized a tour for representatives of the delegations of African countries participating in the activities of the African Olympic Committees' meetings in Egypt during the current period to attend the 19th General Assembly of the Federation of African Olympic Committees (ANOCA), which concluded its work on Tuesday.

The tour included a visit to the Museum of Civilizations and the pyramids area, where African delegations expressed their great happiness and great appreciation for the role of the Egyptian state in hosting and hosting various sporting events.

For his part, Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Ashraf Sobhy emphasized that the Egyptian state embraces African sports with its various competitions, events and meetings, and puts its sports and tourism capabilities and infrastructure under an ambitious vision to support African sports.


The Minister of Youth and Sports had met yesterday with representatives of the delegation at a dinner party held on the sidelines of the Anuka meetings, in the presence of the Nigerian Minister of Youth and Sports Sunday Dar and Mustafa Braff, President of the Anuka, and in the presence of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee headed by Eng. Hisham Hatab, Ahmed Mujahid, President of the Football Association, and Amr Al-Ganaini, President of the Football Association The former, and a number of Representatives of the House of Representatives and Sheikhs, MP Mahmoud Hussein, Representative Ahmed Diab, Representative Amr Al-Sunbati, Representative Muhammad Al-Jarhi, Representative Aya Madani, Representative Amr Darwish, and Representative Sayed Nasr.