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The Maronite Patriarch: Lebanon cannot be independent with a link to alliances, conflicts and wars

The Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Al-Rahi, emphasized the importance of speeding up the formation of the new government to prevent the fall and collapse of Lebanon due to the economic and living crises and hardship, indicating the need to restore the free decision of the state, because Lebanon cannot be sovereign and independent on the one hand, and is linked to alliances, conflicts and wars on the other hand.

The Maronite Patriarch - in his speech during the Sunday Mass - appealed to the Lebanese people to preserve the entity of the state, and also demanded the politicians concerned to be equestrian, honor and conscientious, and to listen to the whimper of the citizens, to form a capable government that includes promising national elites.

He said, "As we insist on the issue of forming the government, it is because we fear that it will be neglected and forgotten in the vagaries of the internal power game and in the regional struggle of axes .. There are those who are intending to push Lebanon towards further collapse for a suspicious purpose."

The Maronite Patriarch renewed his call for declaring Lebanon's neutrality in regional and international conflicts and disputes, and holding an international conference for Lebanon under the auspices of the United Nations, so that Lebanon's fate would be independent of the current settlements in the Middle East.

He added, "We the Lebanese are responsible for determining our free and sovereign destiny, far from the influence of any compromise or settlement from here or there ... Our role is to continue the struggle to restore free decision-making, sovereignty, independence and the safety of all Lebanese lands."

He added, "We support the improvement of relations between the countries of the region on the basis of mutual recognition of the sovereignty of each state and its legitimate borders, and the cessation of nostalgia for control and expansion, and we hope that the atmosphere of new rapprochement will be reflected in the Lebanese situation, reducing the tension between the political forces, and withdrawing from conflicts and axes to allow Lebanon. To restore its neutrality, independence and stability ... We ask these countries to view the Lebanese issue as a stand-alone issue and not as a file attached to the region's files. "