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The largest giraffe in Europe was killed, to rid it of its suffering from aging diseases

The Schönbrunn Zoo in the Austrian capital Vienna announced the death of the 28-year-old oldest male giraffe in Europe, as it was euthanized after suffering from severe joint pain and aging diseases, and it could no longer be relieved by medication.


"Giraffes, especially males, rarely live more than 20 years, so it was clear to all of us that the day of farewell might come at any time, and yet we are very sad," said Joanna Bukowski, a spokeswoman for the zoo, to the Austrian newspaper Courier.

She pointed out that the kimbar giraffe, in its last days, was not able to eat easily, due to severe erosion of its teeth, and vegetables were soaked for them in water, and their neck and chest were cleaned in particular.


The Kimbar giraffe was born in 1993 at a zoo in the Netherlands but came to Vienna Zoo when it was two years old as part of the breeding program, as part of the European Endangered Species (EEP) program.