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The golden glove .. Muhammad al-Shennawi .. the octopus who defeated the bench and made glory with the weapon of challenge

There are many goalkeepers who have put luminous fingerprints in the world of Egyptian football, and despite the departure of some of them or their retirement from the ball, their names remain firm and steadfast in the Egyptian football archive, thanks to their contributions to defending their goal and being indifferent in providing their best technical level, which is what It leads us to shine a spotlight on the golden glove holders in the history of sports today.

Today we are talking about Mohamed El-Shenawy, goalkeeper for Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, who is not different from many that he is the best Egyptian goalkeeper during the past years, specifically since shares fell and then Essam El-Hadary retired.

Al-Shennawi ... wins the challenge and conquers the bench

Mohamed El-Shenawy has clearly imposed himself on the surface of Egyptian football since his return about five seasons ago, and that his beginning with the Red Genie was modest before he gradually gained confidence and became a goalkeeper in Al-Ahly and the Egyptian and even African national team.

El-Shenawy had patience, persistence and diligence, so he had what he wanted and became the best in Egypt and led Al-Ahly to wonderful victories in which he played the absolute starring role.

Mohamed El-Shenawi refuses to surrender to the bench

Al-Shennawi did not give up in his early years when he returned to Al-Ahly years ago from a loan experience and sat on the bench for Sherif Ikrami, and he did not surrender as well when he started in a way that did not satisfy his ambition or potential and began to "work on himself" and strive on the field and fight for his chance until he became the best number in Egyptian football guards Currently.

Octopus Mohamed El-Shennawi is credited with leading Al-Ahly to achieve great tournaments in the past period, foremost of which is the bronze medal in the Club World Cup, which was held in Doha, after two penalty kicks from the Brazilian Palmeiras players, to ensure the red team won the second bronze in its history after 15 years of absence from the red team.

Al-Shennawi leads Al-Ahly to topple Zamalek in the final of the century

El-Shennawi played a prominent role in Al-Ahly's victory in the last African Champions League championship at the expense of Zamalek, to regain with his colleagues the African title absent from Qalaat al-Jazira since 2013.

El-Shenawy presented very distinguished levels with Al-Ahly, and contributed to the crowning of Al-Ahmar in all championships, the most prominent of which was Al-Ahly's leadership to win the Egypt Cup by penalty shootout at the expense of Al-Jaysh in the final match.

Al-Shennawy was crowned with Al-Ahly in the league championship 5 times throughout its history, the first of which was in the 2007/2008 season when he was a junior goalkeeper with Al-Ahmar and participated in a single match. 2019, 2019/2020

Mohamed El Shennawy also won the Egypt Cup twice in 2017 and 2020, and was crowned the local Super twice in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 seasons.

Muhammad Al-Shennawi was born on December 18, 1988 in Al-Hamoul, Kafr El-Sheikh, then moved to Al-Ahly youth from 2002 to 2009 and included in the Sunni stages.

Historical achievement for El Shennawi in the World Cup

After his departure from Al-Ahly, Mohamed El-Shennawy played for Al-Ahly and Petrojet and presented distinguished levels that prompted the Red Castle to return him to become the best in Al-Ahly and the national team, and participated in all continental and international championships, where he participated with the Pharaohs in the World Cup Russia 2018 and won the title of best player in the meeting between Egypt and Uruguay, which is an achievement No other Egyptian player has achieved it throughout history.