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The European Union pledges to support Sudan financially and politically to achieve democratic transformation

The High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy in the European Union, Josep Borrell, pledged that the united bloc, with its country and its institutions, would continue to support Sudan politically and financially. To accomplish the democratic transition.

This came in a tweet by Borrell on his Twitter account on Tuesday, commenting on his participation in the international conference organized yesterday by French President Emmanuel Macron, to support the political and economic transition in Sudan, according to the Italian news agency AKI.

Borrell described Sudan as an "important partner" for Europe, expressing his conviction that the historic move to this country constitutes a source of inspiration for the wider region.

In the same context, Sudanese Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok stressed that the world is receiving Sudan in a completely new way after the December revolution.


Hamdok said, through a tweet on his account on the Twitter microblogging site, according to the Sudanese News Agency, today, Tuesday, "I came to Paris, carrying with me the hopes and dreams of millions of Sudanese, and generations that did not live to see a free and stable Sudan."


He added, "Today we witnessed how the world welcomes us in a completely new way after the glorious revolution of our women and men ... and we will work to make the most of this momentum to fulfill the Sudanese dream and fulfill the promise of December."