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Study: Corona virus may infect eye cells directly, and washing hands prevents transmission of the infection

The results of a new study, published by the "Stem Cell" magazine and reported by the "health site" website, confirmed that the eye may be a weak point for entering the Corona virus, as a team of American researchers found evidence that the Corona virus can infect cells in the eye directly. Mount Sinai Hospital has viral particles in the eye's fluid, indicating that the eye may be a vulnerability for virus entry.

The American research team examined adult human eyes in a stem cell model in the laboratory, whose cells were infected with the Corona virus and then were compared with uninfected control cells from adult tissues.

They found proteins associated with the infection, including an enzyme that allows the virus to enter the cells exposed to the infection.

The results of the study call for additional measures to be taken to protect the eyes and the development of new protection guidelines to help mitigate the spread of the Corona virus.

The researchers said that eye rubbing should be seen as an entry point for infection, hence the importance of washing hands frequently, and the team also intends to use these models to test methods of preventing eye infections.

 Wearing masks is not sufficient to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and this must be combined with physical distance, hand hygiene, as well as eye protection, in addition to the necessity to wear glasses such as protective glasses or face protectors, other than covering the nose and mouth, in order to better protect against the virus that causes Corona virus.