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Russia declares the United States and the Czech Republic unfriendly countries

On Friday, the Russian government announced the list of "non-friendly" countries, which included only two countries, the United States of America and the Czech Republic, and the official Russian news agency "TASS" reported that the list had been placed on the official Russian website for legal information "to approve the attached list of countries Those who commit unfriendly actions towards Russia or its citizens or Russian legal entities, "according to CNN.

According to President Vladimir Putin's decree issued on April 23, the Czech Republic will be allowed to employ no more than 19 Russian citizens to work in its embassy, ​​and the United States cannot employ any of them, according to the TASS report.

More recently, the United States and Russia engaged in a reciprocal process of expelling each other's diplomats due to US sanctions, accusations of piracy and interference in the US elections. The Czech Republic also accused the Kremlin of being behind the 2014 ammunition depot explosion.