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Paris Saint-Germain warns Barcelona not to negotiate with Neymar

Spanish press reports revealed that Barcelona received a strongly-worded message from the French Paris Saint-Germain administration due to the negotiations between the Catalan team and Brazilian Neymar da Silva during the current period, about the possibility of his return to the ranks of the Catalan team during the next summer transfer market.

According to a report by the Spanish Radio Catalunya, Paris Saint-Germain sent a message to Barcelona to leave Neymar alone, and President Al-Khelaifi personally warned them not to negotiate with the Brazilian star.

"Radio Catalonia" added that despite the warnings of the Parisian club, Barcelona sees the player as an option and does not close the door to join him during the upcoming summer transfer period.

In a related context, Spanish media reports revealed the details of the meeting between Jorge Messi, father of Barcelona legend Lionel Messi, and Juan Laporta, president of the Catalan club, regarding the possibility of renewing the contract of Al-Barghout after his current contract expires next June.

The Spanish channel "tv3" said that Messi's father showed flexibility in reducing his salary to half the value of the current annual salary while extending his contract for two seasons, provided that he moves to the United States of America to work as an ambassador for the club there before returning to the headquarters of the Catalan team to work within the Sports City.

The channel explained that Barcelona will grant the player the right to play in the United States two years from now, provided that the salary is determined according to the financial situation of the club at the end of the season and its details are revealed, especially since the Laporta council is trying to find a formula to provide the dues for the player who received more than 10 years ago. So far without interruption.

The TV channel indicated that Juan Laporta agreed to complete a big deal for the club to help the club and Lionel Messi achieve the goals of the Catalan team during the next two seasons in achieving many titles, whether locally or in Europe.