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Muhammad Hadid mourns for the wounds of Palestine ... and his daughter, Bella, takes part in a demonstration in support

The Palestinian-American billionaire, Muhammad Hadid, expressed his deep sorrow for what is happening in his homeland, Palestine, after the recent developments in Jerusalem and the continuous Israeli attacks on the Palestinians, as he posted a picture of him crying through his Instagram account, accompanied by a comment: “Every person should grieve He cries from the pain of the Palestinians. "

And he continued in another post: "Nobody should be allowed to wipe out sweat .. You cannot close your eyes .. My father did that in the first and second wars and the rest of the world stood silently ... while my parents took two immigrant families from the port of Haifa to our house Safad. On a ship." I went to Cuba and then New York City and ended up on the shores of Palestine in Haifa ... That is my story ... and there are 1000 other such stories. "

For her part, his daughter, the famous model, Bella Hadid, joined a crowd of protesters, on Saturday, who took to the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in a demonstration in support of Palestine, and was wearing a face mask, keffiyeh and a headband in the famous Palestinian shawl colors in black and white, and waving With a large Palestinian flag.

Bella published a set of photos and videos of her participation in the demonstrations through her account on the "Instagram" site, accompanied by a comment: "The way my heart feels is to be around so many beautiful, intelligent, respectful, loving, kind Palestinians ... generosity in one place .. I feel Comfortable ... we are a rare dynasty .. Palestine is free. "