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Is fatigue and exhaustion an early sign of infection with the Corona virus?

Cough and fever are not the only signs of infection with the Coronavirus, unusual symptoms that were less common in the past act as early indicators of disease and require attention, fatigue can be one of these early signs of the coronavirus, in this report we know .. Is fatigue and exhaustion an early sign of infection Coronavirus, according to the "Times of India" website.

According to those who have recovered from Corona, Corona stress can be different from any other stress or fatigue.However, fatigue is a common sign that can be felt due to many factors - dehydration, stress, chronic illness, or poor lifestyle choices.

How do you differentiate between fatigue caused by the Corona virus and other forms of fatigue?

Medical experts and case studies said that more and more people are at risk of developing fatigue during the days before symptoms appear and this can last for a long time.

The severity of these symptoms can also be constant enough to not be ignored and can affect people of any age, young and old, including children.

Is fatigue and weakness a common sign of the spread of the new Corona virus?


Fatigue can be a common sign not only of Corona, but also of other viral diseases. However, the severity and duration of symptoms can be more severe with infection with the Coronavirus.

According to experts, fatigue is caused by cytokines released by the body's immune system to reduce infection and inflammation.

The consequences of fighting an infection can make you, even in the first stage, bored, tired and extremely tired.

According to WHO reports, fatigue is now the third most common sign of corona infection. How does it differ from normal fatigue?


Exhaustion and fatigue can feel very similar, but they are different. However, there are some differences worth noting.

Medically speaking, fatigue can be a common complaint when energy levels are lost however, it can last for several hours and usually resolve after getting a good rest and recovery.

On the other hand, COVID-19 fatigue can last longer, making it extremely difficult to perform any tasks and continue regardless of sleep.

A bout of exhaustion can also make a person feel very bored, pain and lack of energy, as is the case with Corona, the intensity and duration can not only be different, but it can also be accompanied by some other signs.

These general symptoms are now seen as signs that may help the patient distinguish between normal fatigue and fatigue caused by the Coronavirus.

Feeling of malaise and fatigue can be a common symptom of a viral infection and some disorders.

 While both are signs of inflammation, some experts describe it as a precursor to a real disease and can make a person feel very tired and even difficult to get out of bed without an existing cause.

1- Weakness and dizziness

Feeling weak or dizzy may also be a sign of your illness. Feelings of unexplained weakness, feeling chills, or feeling unusually hot or cold can be a sign that the body is fighting off inflammation.

2- Decrease in the number of platelets

More recent reports have suggested that, along with fatigue, low platelet count, which can easily pass unnoticed during these times, could be an early indicator of corona. If these symptoms are ignored, it could be fatal or worsen the prognosis.

3- Muscle aches and pains

While fatigue may be a common sign that appears before a fever or shortness of breath, doctors suggest that fatigue and weakness in the early stages can usually be accompanied by muscle pain (myalgia), which is a pain in the body that can add to fatigue and fatigue.

 Muscle pain is also a symptom of Corona in itself that can be difficult to fight - it causes severe back or joint pain or a headache that does not go away.