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International Smoking Cessation Day .. Foods that help you fight nicotine addiction

Research conducted by Duke University in the United States stated that fruits, vegetables, caffeine-free drinks and dairy products should be consumed to reduce cravings for smoking cigarettes, and in the next report we talk about foods that will help you quit smoking and those that you should avoid, according to the onlymyhealth website. ".

Dairy products:

Having a glass of low-fat milk helps if you crave a cigarette, not only is it incompatible with smoking, but it also makes the cigarettes taste bad.

Studies have also shown that if you are a smoker, you must develop a deficiency in your body. Milk is considered a complete food and contains essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, vitamin A and vitamin D. It is also one of the best foods while you try to quit smoking.


Not only will fruits help satisfy the sweet cravings that you have to develop in this tedious process, but they also contain nutritional value. Fruits are an excellent source of fiber and innumerable essential vitamins and minerals when you quit smoking.


Peppermint is known for its many medicinal properties, and it may be a good way to cleanse your lungs of nicotine and reduce the bad effects of smoking, as it has healing properties that can also prevent the formation of cancer cells. Eating peppermint candy can help you divert attention from smoking while you focus on chewing.

Foods rich in vitamin C:

People who smoke suffer from more nutritional deficiencies than those who do not smoke. Smoking prevents the absorption of vitamin C, regardless of other essential nutrients. Eating large amounts of foods full of vitamin C such as oranges, sweet lemons, kiwis, grapes and vegetables will make you feel better in general.

Avoid sugary meals in the evening:

While trying to quit smoking, cravings for snacks increase, instead of choosing sugary snacks, you can choose healthy snacks like nuts, beans, fruits and popcorn.