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How many hours do you give your child to use Internet games? Study illustrating

A study issued by Rutgers University of America revealed the dangers of excessive children's use of entertainment games on mobile phones, as the study recommended the use of technology related to entertainment, for one hour per day on school days and four hours per day on weekends, according to the medical express website. .

The researchers explained that despite the importance of using interactive technology on a large scale to enhance children's access to educational skills, along with its role during the Coronavirus pandemic, to facilitate distance learning, at the same time, there is a growing concern that the excessive use of technology, especially for entertainment, may adversely affect Develops children's education by facilitating unwanted study habits and reducing time spent on learning activities.

The researchers conducted an analysis on the data of the Chinese Education Survey, which is a national survey of educational needs, and on the results of children in China, where nearly 10,000 students were surveyed and followed up in the first year of middle school, and their average age was 13.5 years.

The results showed that children who used the Internet, social media, or video games to entertain four or more hours per day were four times more likely to present lower levels of learning during the study than those who did not.

It was also found that males used interactive technology for entertainment much more than girls, so boys performed worse and showed lower levels of participation in school than girls, indicating the risks that online learning carries in countries around the world, given the ease with which children move across educational platforms And entertaining while learning without alerting teachers.

The study indicated that children who used technology in moderation - less than one hour per day on weekends - did not feel bored in school.

The study recommended that parents set time limits for their children's use of interactive technology, with the need to help children develop effective time management and self-regulation skills to reduce their dependence on technology.