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Here is the Olympiad .. Tamer Salah wins the first Olympic medal for Taekwondo

"Here the Olympiad" is a continuous series during the month of Ramadan on the previous Olympic Games, and the most important information about the Egyptian missions, and the history of their participation in the Olympiad from its inception until now.


Egypt participated in the Athens Olympics 2004 and the Pharaohs' mission achieved 5 medals, including bronze in the taekwondo game, and Tamer Salah won third place and the bronze medal in the Athens Olympics with a weight of 58 kg after defeating the Spanish player Juan Ramos to achieve the first Egyptian Olympic medal in taekwondo while he is in the twenty-first. Years old.


Tamer Salah is considered one of the bright signs in the history of Egyptian sports, whose name was recorded in golden letters, with many achievements at the local, African and continental levels.


Karam Jaber won the medals for wrestling weight 96 kilograms, boxers Muhammad Ali Reda and won silver weight over 91 kilograms, bronze Ahmed Ismail weighed 81 kilograms, Muhammad al-Baz over 91 kilograms, and bronze Tamer Salah for taekwondo weighing 58 kilograms .