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Head of the El-Shorouk City Development Authority: Continuation of campaigns to lift occupancy to preserve the city

Engineer Abdullatif Bishara, head of the El Shorouk City Development Authority, confirmed the continuation of the campaigns to lift occupancies and street vendors during the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday, with the aim of preserving the civilized facade of the city of Al Shorouk.


Eng. Abdel Raouf Bishara indicated that a campaign was launched that roamed the main roads, axes and some service centers, and resulted in the issuance of (22) work violation reports, in addition to the confiscation of street vendors' occupations and handed them over to a charity.


The head of the Shorouk City Authority confirmed that the campaigns will continue daily, including holidays, in order to ensure that the city authority preserves the civilized image of Al Shorouk City.