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Harry Maguire admits: I resorted to a psychiatrist after the Greek crisis

Manchester United star Harry Maguire admitted that he sought advice from a psychiatrist for England in the wake of the controversial summer vacation, during which he was arrested while traveling to Greece with his girlfriend; Because he got into a quarrel with some tourists on the island of Mykonos, he was taken to the police station for investigation.

"I think as you say, the stigma surrounding her is really wrong, because when you play for a club like Manchester United, you have to be there, and you have to be there to get support," Maguire said, in comments published in the Mirror.

He added: "I think that many psychologists now are not just psychologists, they are involved in football clubs, and you know the football side, you do not have to. You do not see anyone seeing them and thinking, what is the problem that he has?"

He continued, "It could be a general conversation about anything, so obviously I spoke to him, we had one person in England Mitch, whom I spoke to after the summer and the summer disappointments that I lived, yeah, I feel they should be there and they should be." Part of the game. "

It is worth noting that Maguire, 27, is considered the most expensive defender in football history, as he joined Manchester last summer from Leicester City with about 87 million euros.