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Giza Chamber of Commerce warns restaurants and cafes not to violate the precautionary measures

The Giza Chamber of Commerce called on all restaurants, cafes and cafes to adhere to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, to follow precautionary and preventive measures, and to adhere to the occupancy rate determined by the Ministry of Health, so that the facility is not subjected to legal accountability and fines, and it may reach the point of stopping the activity, in order to preserve the safety of society and the safety of workers. .


Mohamed Imbabi, President of the Giza Chamber of Commerce, said that following the guiding and preventive instructions by any establishment is necessary in order to preserve the capital of the facility and its investments, and before that in order to preserve the health and safety of citizens, whether workers or visitors to it, indicating that adherence to the percentage of works and achieving spacing Social maintains the safety of citizens.


In press statements, Imbabi stressed that all cafes and cafes must adhere to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and not provide hookah to their customers, as there are campaigns on a daily basis on cafes to ensure that the café or the café is not violated and the shisha is provided to customers, explaining that the hookah violation amounts to closing the facility and stopping the activity. Finally, according to the latest decision of Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly.


The Prime Minister stressed the need to continue applying various precautionary and preventive measures to deal with the Corona virus, especially during this stage, which is witnessing an accelerated increase in the number of people infected with this virus.


Madbouly stressed that all ministries and concerned authorities should prevent any celebrations or mass events, with the need to deal decisively with malls, cafes and cafes that violate the implementation of precautionary decisions to confront "Corona", and to close them immediately.