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For the third time, the Israeli occupation targets Gaza Industrial City and destroys 13 factories

The artillery of the Israeli occupation forces targeted Gaza Industrial City for the third time in a row, with direct shells fired, today, Thursday, at four factories.


A statement issued by Gaza Industrial City, one of the investments of the "PADICO" company - and reported by the Palestinian News Agency - stated that the occupation artillery stationed near the Al-Muntar (Karni) crossing east of Gaza City and adjacent to Gaza Industrial City, fired several shells directly at the factories, which led to the destruction of four Factories so far, which brings the number of destroyed factories in the industrial city during the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people since the tenth of May this year, to 13 factories.


The statement indicated that the Israeli occupation is currently targeting the economic sector in Gaza, by destroying the infrastructure of this sector, directly targeting the factories, in addition to destroying part of the electricity generation project from solar energy and the associated infrastructure, which was inaugurated about two months ago to provide electricity to each Factories in town.


The statement pointed out that the Israeli military machine is keenly concerned with destroying the Gaza economy, which means the unemployment rate has increased to many times the previous figures, and an attempt by them also to force the people of Gaza to waive their legitimate rights to freedom and live in dignity.