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Finance: 250 importers joined the new pre-registration system within a month

 The companies recorded a thousand customs transactions through the seaports ... before shipping

4,400 foreign sources have registered on the "Secure Data Exchange" platform, using the "Blockchain" technology.

 6 basic steps to join the shipment pre-registration system

Creating an electronic account on the "Window" platform ... Issuing an electronic signature ... and registering the foreign source

Request the unified identification number for the shipment ... and customs respond within 48 hours ... and start the pre-clearance procedures "optional"


Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, confirmed that 250 importing companies joined the customs system for pre-registration of shipments «ACI» within a month since its trial launch on the first of last April, where a thousand customs transactions were recorded through seaports before shipping from the country of export, while 4,400 exporters were registered. A foreigner on the international, secure Blockchain data exchange platform; In preparation for the implementation of the «ACI» system in accordance with the established controls and procedures.


The minister added that the "ACI" system is one of the tributaries of the electronic information platform "window" that is based on facilitating and enabling customs procedures; In a way that contributes to reducing the customs clearance time, reducing the cost of goods in the local markets, and strengthening governance; Egypt has become a developed global logistics zone, where all ports are connected electronically, in a way that helps improve Egypt's classification in international indicators, stimulate the investment climate, and maximize the competitiveness of Egyptian exports.


The minister said that Egypt is one of the first countries in the region to implement the customs system "ACI", in line with the developed global systems in the field of cross-border trade, as it is based on processing shipment data during the "pre-shipment" stage in the country of export, pointing out that the customs system The pre-registration of shipments contributes to simplifying procedures, reducing the number of documents, and eliminating what is known in the media as “Al-Kahoul”, that unknown person who is the culprit in cases of goods of unknown origin or prohibited entry into the country, and the violating and criminal shipments, and then customs ports get rid of the neglected goods And stagnant.


He added that the next stage will witness the unification of the standard code written in the electronic tax invoice and the import invoice, within the framework of the Ministry of Finance's plan for the electronic link between the interests of taxes and customs, in a manner that contributes to facilitating trade and strengthening governance, achieving tax and customs justice, and integrating the informal economy into the economy. the official.


The Minister directed the continuation of effective cooperation between the Customs Authority and the Egyptian Company for Electronic Commerce Technology (MTS); In order to facilitate the procedures for joining the "ACI" system, and to enhance positive communication with importers and their agents of customs extractors by continuing to hold seminars through the "video conference" technology during the "Corona" pandemic, and publishing simplified introductory videos, in addition to direct response to any questions via Hotline: «15460», or email:


Al-Shahat Ghatwari, Head of the Customs Authority, said that importers should join the pre-registration system for shipments "ACI", create an electronic account on the electronic platform "Nafia", issue an electronic signature through the two companies, "Egypt Clearing" or "Egy Trust", and include data The foreign source on the platform «secured data exchange» through the «Blockchain» technology, and the submission of an application to obtain the identification number of the shipment, which lasts for a period of three months, so that the Customs Authority responds within 48 hours to this request, and in the case of acceptance, an email is automatically sent with an identification number The shipment «ACID» to the foreign exporter, and notify the Egyptian importer through his account on the website of the «Window» platform, then the exporter sends the shipment data electronically, and the importer reviews and approves it through the «Window» platform, then the pre-clearance procedures for shipments can be started if The importer wanted that.


He indicated his keenness to educate customs dealers about the "ACI" system through the optimal employment of modern technology in developing customs awareness of importers and their agents, as 37 introductory seminars were held via "video conference", in which about 3,000 people participated, and brochures were distributed in various logistical centers. In addition to the simplified videos, in coordination with the Egyptian Company for E-Commerce Technology (MTS). Coordination has also been made with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send a number of electronic media containing a detailed explanation of this customs system to foreign embassies and consulates, in addition to explanatory booklets sent to the commercial representation sector. Egyptian; This is in order to inform foreign exporters to Egypt of the new system, pointing out that you can visit the website of the “Window” platform: to learn about the controls and procedures for joining the customs system “ACI”.