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European Union: We support press freedom with new initiatives and mechanisms

 Joseph Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union, said that at a time when independent and free media reporting has become more important than ever, freedom of the press is still threatened, and journalists continue to suffer from harsh working conditions with increased financial and political pressure, surveillance, and arbitrary prison sentences or Violence for doing their job.


According to the UNESCO Observatory, 76 journalists have been killed since 2020, while more have been arrested, harassed or threatened around the world, and of particular concern is the gender-based violence targeting women journalists.


In a press release on the occasion of World Press Day, Borrell added that freedom of the press is a core value of the European Union supported by many recent initiatives. Media freedom and the safety of journalists are among the main priorities of the new action plan for human rights and democracy and the European Democracy Action Plan. In 2020, more than 400 journalists have benefited from the European Union's mechanism to protect human rights defenders, while the European Union has taken important measures to support journalists and independent media and combat disinformation in the context of the pandemic in many regions.


Last year, the European Union on several occasions condemned the intimidation and harassment of independent journalists in countries around the world, and the European Union, including through its Special Representative for Human Rights, continued to deal with persecuted independent journalists and intervened to support detained journalists and bloggers.


Borrell added that the European Union will continue to coordinate with international organizations and mechanisms, and one example of this is the European Commission’s proposal for a digital services law that aims to hold the main platforms accountable to make their systems more fair, secure and transparent, confront misleading information and seek with all partners for effective means to support business models. Sustainable independent media.